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International Fireproof Technology Inc. manufactures intumescent fire retardants, thermal barrier coatings, fire coating for wood, gypsum, and firestop products.  Designed and tested for the global market. IFTI products are widely used in oil fields, hospitals, restaurants, nursing facilities, commercial buildings, retail structures and residential homes.

DC315 For Spray Foam

DC315 For Spray Foam

DC315 is approved product for Thermal and Ignition Barrier System over Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) DC315 meets IBC and IRC Code Requirements. Canadian Approval.
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DC5040 For I-joists

DC5040 For I-Joists

DC5040 is a water based thin film intumescent coating used to provide fire resistance to engineered wood framing members such as I-Joists.
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Firestop Products

Firestops Products

Firestops Products for Penetrations and Joint Systems, UL Listed, FM Approved, Intertek Listed.      Call For Industry Leading Pricing
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DC333 For Wood and Gypsum

DC333 For Wood and Gypsum

DC333 is a water based intumescent coating used to increase fire resistance  ratings of construction materials like OSB, plywood, lumber, gypsum and  many other substrate.
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DC68 For Fabric

DC68 For Fabric

Spray to Protect DC68 is a new water based  fire proofing spray that is a Non Toxic, Hypoallergenic, colorless and  odorless formula that can be used on virtually any water absorbent  fabric or material.
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DC6150 For Cable

DC6150 For Cable

DC6150 Cable Paint is a non-halogenated, asbestos-free, non-toxic, flexible, ablative, fire retardant cable coating. DC6150 is  designed to prevent the propagation of fire along plastic jacketed  electrical cables.
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DC315 for Spray Foam

DC315 Thermal and Ignition Barrier Matrix of Approved Foams and mil Thickness and Evaluation Report



DC333 for Wood & Gypsum

DC315 for Canadian Approvals





DC68 for Fabric

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DC5040 for I-Joist

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DC6150 for Cables


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