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INSS1440 Fire Barrier Caulking

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 INSS1440 Fire Barrier Caulk

INSS1440 Fire Barrier Caulk for Penetrations and Joint Systems, UL Listed, FM Approved, Intertek Listed

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INSS1440 Fire Barrier Caulk
INSS1440 Fire Barrier Caulk
INSS1440 Fire Barrier Caulk Sausage Pack
UL, FM, FCIA Member, NCS, CCC Approvals

Test Standards, Compliance

  • ASTM E814 up to 3 hrs. F&T Rating
  • UL 1479 up to 3 hrs. F&T Rating
      • L Rating at Ambient - Less than 1 cfm/sq. ft.
  • ULC S-115 up to 3 hrs. F Rating
    • up to 90 minute FT Rating
    • up to 3 hrs. FH Rating
    • up to 90 minutes FTH Rating
      • L Rating at Ambient - Less than 5.1 L/S/m2
  • FM Approved
  • CNS 14514 up to 3 hrs. Class A&B
  • GB 23864
  • ASTM E84 - Flame 5 Smoke 20
  • ASTM E662 & FAR 25.853

Industry leading Firestop Technology, INSS1440 Fire Barrier Caulk is a single component water-based acrylic intumescent firestop sealant.  INSS1440 Listed designs use less product and offer exceptional performance, making it more cost effective than other traditional firestop caulking’s.  Read More

Technical Documents




Specific Density:
1.50 ± 0.1 g/cm3
Tack free time:
30 minute
Curing time:
7 - 21 days
Expansion rate:
3 - 5 times

Application temperature:

400 F - 1040 F (50 C - 400 C)

In-Service Temperature:
-130 F - 1760 F (-250 C - 800 C
Storage Temperature:
500 F  - 860 F (100 C - 300 C)
310 ml/Tube, 25/CTN


600 ml/Sausage, 20/CTN


1 gal/pail & 5 gal/pail
Shelf Life:
24 months

Types of Applications

System No. C-AJ-1636
System No. C-AJ-1636