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 FB01-15 Fireproof Blanket

FB01-15 Fireproof Blanket, UL Listed, FM Approved, Intertek Listed

Call For Industry Leading Pricing

FB01-15 Fireproof Blanket
FB01-15 Fireproof Blanket
UL, FM, FCIA Member, NCS, CCC Approvals

Test Standards, Codes Compliance

  • UL 1479; 3 Hours; T, F and L Rating
  • ASTM E662
  • ASTM E 84
  • CNS 14514; 3 Hours Class A and B

Types of Applications

System No. C-BJ-1056
System No. C-BJ-1056

FB01-15 Fireproof Blanket is an industry leading fire resistant wrap consisting of a ceramic fiber blanket encapsulated with a scrim-reinforced foil.  It provides a flexible, non-combustible enclosure for duct, or cable tray applications.  The thermal insulation of FB01-15 can be used in combination with Listed systems to provide a "T" rating to penetrating items.  Read More

Technical Documents





13 mm


600 mm or 1200 mm


7200 mm in Roll

Max. Temperature:

1260 C (2300 F)



Tensile Strength:



600 mm - 2 per/box


1200 mm - 1 per/box