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Spray to Protect DC 68
The Department of Forestry and Fire Protection serves and safeguards the people and protects the property and resources of California
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DC68 Spray to Protect

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    IBC Section 424.2(5)(8) Children's Play Structures Textiles and films complying with the flame fire propagation performance criteria contained in NFPA 701.

    IBC Section 806.3 Combustible decorative materials curtains, draperies, fabric partitions hangings and similar combustible decorative materials suspended from walls or ceilings shall comply with Section 806.4

    IBC Section 806.4 Acceptance criteria and reports to exhibit improved fire performance, curtains, draperies, fabric hangings and similar combustible decorative materials suspended from walls or ceilings shall be tested by an approved agency and meet the flame propagation performance criteria of NFPA701,


Spray to Protect DC68 a Fire Retardant Spray for Fabrics

    Interior furniture and synthetic fabrics are the number one contributing factors to fire spread and smoke generation in today’s fires.

    Spray to Protect DC 68: is a new water based fire proofing spray that is a Non Toxic, Hypoallergenic, colorless and odorless formula that can be used on virtually any water absorbent fabric or material.

    Three components are necessary for fire: fuel, oxygen, and a source of ignition. Once Applied, DC68 Disrupt the combustion stage of a fire cycle, including avoiding or delaying “ flashover,” or the burst of flames normally present when combustible materials burn. DC68 automatically reacts to fire or heat and converts combustible gases to non-combustible nitrogen and carbon dioxide. This dilutes the flammable gases and lowers the oxygen concentrations in the flame formation zone. This not only removes the oxygen required for fire, but also has a cooling affect that reduces heat and eliminates this as an ignition source.

    Removing only one of the three required component will extinguish a fire, DC68 works to remove two- Oxygen and Heat. 

 *Not intended for use on Clothing