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DC6150 Cable Coating

 DC6150 Cable Coating

Industry leading DC6150 Cable Coating, is a non-halogenated, asbestos-free, non-toxic, flexible, ablative, fire retardant cable coating. DC6150 is designed to prevent the propagation of fire along plastic jacketed electrical cables. DC6150 Cable Coating is FM 3971 Approved and tested to ensure it can withstand extreme conditions such as freeze/thaw cycles and salt water immersion. This testing also ensures that the protective coating does not de-rate the cables current carrying capacity.

Test Standards, Codes Compliance

  • FM Approval Class - 3971 for Single or Grouped Electrical Cables
  • IEEE383- Standard for Qualifying Electric Cables and Splices for Nuclear Facilities Passed at 1.5 mm
  • IEC 60332- Test of vertical flame spread on single or grouped electrical cables Passed at 0.9 mm Class 3A
  • IEEE1202 - Standard for Flame Testing of Cables for Use in Cable Tray in Industrial and Commercial Occupancies Passed 1.5 mm
  • GB28374 – Standard flame spread test of electrical cables Passed at 1.0 including fire and weather testing

Technical Documents

FM Aproved, FCIA Member

Types of Applications


    Cable tray indoor and  Outdoor condition.

 DC6150 Cable Coating  DC6150 Cable Coating
 DC6150 Cable Coating