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DC5040 I-Joist

DC5040 is a water based thin film intumescent coating used to provide fire resistance to engineered wood framing members such as I-Joists. Applied to the I-Joist only, once the components are installed, DC5040 provides equivalence to the 2- by-10-dimension lumber prescribed in Section R302.13, Exception 4 of the 2015 IRC® and Section R501.3, Exception 4 of the 2012 IRC®. DC5040 has been fire tested in accordance with a full-scale ASTM E-119 and meets IAPMO UES Acceptance Criteria EC017 for Field-Applied Fire Protective Coatings.  Read More

Other coatings testing requires BOTH the I-Joists and the sub floor to be coated. DC5040's superior performance is tested, as a single coat, applied to the I-Joist only. Subfloors can add up to 50% more surface area to be coated, DC5040 maximizes yield, reduces labor and provides a cost effective solution to meeting
IRC Code requirements

Evaluation Report
ER-0568 Evaluation Report

Technical Documents

DC5040 Data Sheet
DC5040 SDS
Application Guide
Job Work Record
Job Site Label
Ensuring Paint Variable Viscosity
VOC - AQMD Testing
CA 1350 VOC Compliance for Schools and High Occupancy

Test Standards, Codes Compliance

  • ASTM E84 - Class A
  • ASTM E 119- Fire Resistance


Finish Color
Solids By Volume
Specific Gravity
Drying Time
Flash Point
Reducing or Cleaning
Shelf Life
5 Gal. Container Weight
Flat White
37 g/L
1.35+/-0.05 g/cc
@77 F & 50% R.H. – To touch 1 – 2 hours, to recoat, if required, 2 to 4 hours
1 year from date of manufacture in unopened containers and stored at 10 C to 27 C (50 F to 80 F)
58 lbs.

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